XtendiMax and Engenia information

Labels for XtendiMax (Monsanto), Fexapan (DuPont), and Engenia (BASF) are available online at CDMS and other label sites.  Fexapan is the same formulation and label as XtendiMax.  They are provided here also in case it’s helpful.  For each product there is a main label and then also a supplemental label with directions specific to soybeans.  Both labels should be reviewed by applicators, especially with regard to stewardship to prevent off-target movement.  The soybean label alone does not provide all of the necessary information on this.  Below the links to labels are links to:  1) an OSU Powerpoint pdf that summarizes some of the label information; and 2) a new USB Take Action infographic on spray drift prevention.  Any other product of any kind that will be mixed with XtendiMax, Fexapan, or Engenia must be approved and listed at the corresponding websites, along with any nozzles used for application.

XtendiMax label

XtendiMax soybean label

Engenia label

Engenia soybean label

Fexapan soybean label

Basics of XtendiMax, Fexapan, and Engenia (OSU powerpoint)

Reducing Spray Drift (USB Take Action fact)

ODA Comparison Chart of Engenia and XtendiMax

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