Marestail control in wheat stubble – applicable OSU research

As promised in the C.O.R.N. newsletter, we have added a link on the marestail page (or click here) to access some of our research results on control in wheat stubble and a couple other tough situations.  The first page shows four scenarios:  sites 1 and 2 are the same population but site 2 was where it had survived a previous glyphosate application; site 3 where plants regrew following mowing (similar to cutter bar on a combine); and site 4 had plants that had survived tillage.  The results pretty clearly show how much more difficult it was to control the plants in sites 3 and 4.  The second page shows results of a wheat stubble study, where plants had been low growing and mostly unaffected by the cutter bar, and then grew following wheat harvest.  There were two application timings, and the results show the benefit of the earlier application for some treatments.  The generally high level of control in this study probably overestimates control that will be obtained in many fields where plants have regrown following cutter bar damage.

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