Weed control in spring barley

We are currently in our first year of research to determine the safest and most effective herbicide programs for spring barley in Ohio.  This research is briefly described in the video below.  We don’t have any prior experience with weed control in spring barley.  Summer annual weeds such as ragweeds, lambsquarters, pigweeds, and foxtails are the primary weed problem in spring-planted crops, and the competitiveness of the crop with weeds will be affected by planting date and stand density, among other things.  There are a number of herbicides registered for use in barley, but not all labels specifically mention spring barley.  Control of foxtails in barley can be obtained only by POST application of an Axial product, such as Axial XL or Axial Star, and labels for these products just mention “barley”.   Axial Star controls ragweeds in addition to foxtails, since the premix contains fluroxypyr (Starane) in addition to the pinoxaden (Axial XL).  Axial products can be applied up to the pre-boot stage, when grass weeds  have 1 to 5 leaves and less than 3 tillers.  There is no mention of a need for adjuvants on Axial XL and Star labels, but mixtures with certain broadleaf herbicides may require nonionic surfactant (check labels).  Labels for the following broadleaf herbicides specifically mention spring barley:  2,4-D, MCPA, bromoxynil (Moxy, etc), dicamba (Clarity, etc), Huskie, Peak, Pulsar, and Starane.  Labels for another group of broadleaf herbicides do not specifically mention spring barley, just “barley”:  Aim, Cleansweep, Orion, Widematch, tribenuron (Express, etc), and thifensulfuron/tribenuron premix (Harmony Xtra, etc).  We have descriptions and ratings for all of these on summer annual weeds in the “Weed Control Guide for Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois” (page 139-149 of 2016 edition).

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