It’s official – marestail is public enemy #1 in soybeans

Results of a national survey of weed scientists and practitioners conducted by the national and regional weed science societies are in.  Probably no surprise to all of us here in Ohio that marestail was identified as the most troublesome weed in soybeans.  The other four weeds mentioned most frequently as hard to control in soybeans were Palmer amaranth, waterhemp, and giant and common ragweed.  Nationally, over all crops, weeds designated as most troublesome, starting with the one listed the most times, were:  Palmer amaranth, morningglory, lambsquarters, waterhemp, marestail, nutsedges, kochia, giant ragweed, Canada thistle, and foxtails.

Link to the WSSA newsletter that contains a summary of the survey –

The amazing marestail plant – is there anywhere it can’t grow?


IMG_2908 IMG_2907

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