Fall Update

Due to COVID-19, this fall semester is going to look different than normal for TAP. While we will not be holding our typical events and workshops, we are still working on making an impact! Our TAP intern team is currently working on adapting toys which will all be donated directly to families (in a safe manner). Additionally, make sure to check out our At-Home Adapting page to learn how to adapt a toy for someone in your family or someone you know. Stay Safe Everyone!

TAP At Home and Well Wishes

We hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy in these difficult times. Because of the ongoing pandemic, all of the Toy Adaptation Program’s events for the spring semester were cancelled or postponed. However, if you are still interested in learning how to adapt a toy, we have created an instructional page on our website for that exact purpose. The “At-Home Adapting” page provides information about adaptable toys, necessary materials, and step-by-step adapting instructions. Please feel free to check it out if you have the time and reach out to us with any questions you may have.

TAP Works with SLP-GO at OSU

The Speech-Language Pathology Graduate Organization (SLP-GO) at Ohio State participated in a TAP workshop on February 13th. As students and workers in the field of speech-language pathology, they understood the need for adapted toys and were excited to learn to do it themselves. Together, they adapted 4 toys!

Toys For All Tots 2019 – TAP in the Columbus Dispatch!

TAP collaborated with Nationwide Children’s Hospital to hold the annual Toys For all Tots on December 8th. 75 families were invited by Nationwide Children’s Hospital to come learn how to adapt toys for their own children. Along with teaching families how to adapt toys, over 180 adapted toys were donated.  Families were also given kits which contain all the supplies needed for them to adapt toys at home.

Toys For All Tots made the Columbus Dispatch! Check out the article to learn more about the event and our program: https://www.dispatch.com/news/20191209/ohio-state-engineering-students-adapt-toys-for-kids-with-challenges

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Bridgeway Academy Visits TAP

On November 15th, 9 Bridgeway Academy therapists and teachers came to OSU for a workshop with TAP. Bridgeway Academy is a local school for children with special needs. Together they adapted 6 toys that will be integrated into their school programs. Another 9 toys will be adapted by the TAP interns and donated to Bridgeway Academy in the next couple months.

TAP Hosts AEP Employees and Engineering Students

On October 1st, TAP held a workshop with 20 AEP employees and OSU engineering students. The group was able to network with each other and adapt 18 toys in the process. Thanks to AEP for their constant support and to all those who participated!

Olentangy Local School District and TAP

TAP held a workshop with 30 teachers, speech language pathologists, and occupational therapists from the Olentangy Local School District on September 16th as part of their Staff Professional Development Day. Over 25 toys were adapted and added to the district’s toy libraries!

TAP Had a Busy Summer

We have not posted in a while so this post will serve as a summary of our activity throughout the summer. On May 13th, TAP held a workshop with new collaborators from AEP, the CHARGE employee group. The TAP interns attended the SciAccess conference on June 29th to learn about incorporating accessibility into the sciences. The Office of Diversity, Outreach, and Inclusion and TAP hosted a day camp at OSU for rising high school juniors and seniors called TAP Into Engineering. One camp was held on June 28th and one on July 11th with a total of about 50 students participating. On July 26th, the College of Engineering hosted its annual Grandparent’s Day event for alumni and their grandchildren. A toy adaptation workshop was one of the activities they could do together. Thanks to all of these organizations for making it a summer full of learning about toy adaptation!

TAP Visits Columbus Metropolitan Library: Hilliard Branch

On March 2nd, the TAP team took a trip to the Hilliard Branch to walk through the toy adaptation program with around 12 students between grades 6-9.  The students successfully adapted 5 toys for TAP and the students learned a lot about engineering and Ohio State.  Thanks, Columbus Metropolitan Libraries!

TAP Impacting Hofstra University

Recently, Hofstra University collaborated with the Society of Women’s Engineering and FIRST Robotics Competition to run its own toy adaptation program.  The group took volunteers from the community and used it as an opportunity to teach practical applications of reverse engineering, and as a community engagement event to get young girls and boys interested in engineering.  The Department of Engineering at Hofstra plans to make this an annual event.