Inclusive Community-Based Learning Lab Recognized

The Inclusive Community-Based Learning lab (iCBL) at OSU was recognized in the March 2021 edition the Good Work publication by the Kenan Institute For Ethics at Duke University. ICLB is led by Professor David Delaine, and the group has conducted research based on many service-learning organizations including TAP.

Check out the full article here:

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TAP Research Paper Led by Molly Mollica

Research performed on TAP workshops was recently published in the paper “Toy Adaptation for Children with Disabilities: A Translatable Means to Engage Engineering Students in Community Engaged Learning.” The paper was published in the ASEE journal Advances in Engineering Education and was written by Molly Mollica, Rachel Kajfez, and Elizabeth Riter. The abstract for the paper can been seen below and the full text can be accessed here:


Community engaged learning has demonstrated educational benefits and is an especially promising method to engage a diverse group of students in engineering. In this work, we present toy adaptation for children with disabilities as a novel community engaged learning tool. According to students surveyed, this process is enjoyable, demonstrates the impact of engineering, and makes students feel more connected to engineering. Female students were especially impacted by toy adaptation, feeling more empowered by the experience, finding the experience more useful, and more often seeing the positive impact of engineering. Additionally, toy adaptation is highly translatable due to its short-term nature, low cost, and opportunity to leverage community connections through existing networks. Given the widespread need for adapted toys, the translatability of toy adaptation, and the overwhelmingly positive student feedback, we anticipate that toy adaptation will engage students in circuitry, inspire diverse students to pursue engineering, and provide developmentally essential toys to communities.

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TAP Collaborator at MSU Recognized

“ECE Toy Adaptation Program,” submitted by MSU Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Jean Mohammadi-Aragh, was recognized for a Community-Engaged Teaching and Learning Award. The program was based on collaboration with OSU TAP. Congratulations to Dr. Mohammadi-Aragh!

Check out the MSU news article for more details!

Fall Update

Due to COVID-19, this fall semester is going to look different than normal for TAP. While we will not be holding our typical events and workshops, we are still working on making an impact! Our TAP intern team is currently working on adapting toys which will all be donated directly to families (in a safe manner). Additionally, make sure to check out our At-Home Adapting page to learn how to adapt a toy for someone in your family or someone you know. Stay Safe Everyone!

Toys For All Tots 2019 – TAP in the Columbus Dispatch!

TAP collaborated with Nationwide Children’s Hospital to hold the annual Toys For all Tots on December 8th. 75 families were invited by Nationwide Children’s Hospital to come learn how to adapt toys for their own children. Along with teaching families how to adapt toys, over 180 adapted toys were donated.  Families were also given kits which contain all the supplies needed for them to adapt toys at home.

Toys For All Tots made the Columbus Dispatch! Check out the article to learn more about the event and our program:

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