TAP Facilitates Partnership for Make OHI/O Hardware Challenge

Earlier this month, over 80 organizations-including AEP, Honda, and Batelle- partnered with Hack OHI/O to host the largest hardware competition in Ohio. For 24 hours, students and their advisers work on a project, competing for prizes and the funds to continue the project beyond the competition. This year, May We Help sponsored and connected Make OHI/O with a humanitarian engineering project: an adapted dog treat launcher for a Cincinnati resident and her dogs.

View the Hack OHI/O website and May We Help for more insight into their initiatives and future events. TAP was so grateful to witness the award ceremony and facilitate partnerships involved in the event. Below is a short video clip compiling footage of the judging and presentation phase, along with the winners of “Highest Craftsmanship” and “Most Socially Responsible.”