Ajit Mohan Worthen Chaudhari, PhD

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Professor of Physical Therapy, Orthopaedics, Mechanical Engineering, and Biomedical Engineering
Director of Diversity and Inclusion, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University, 2003
M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University, 1997
Dual Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering & Biological Sciences, Stanford University, 1996

Executive Board member, American Society of Biomechanics, 2014-2015
Fellow, American College of Sports Medicine
Innovation Award Semifinalist- Outstanding Product (under 250 employees), TechColumbus, October 2012
Chair of Host Committee, American Society of Biomechanics 2015 Annual Meeting
Co-Chair of Biomechanics Interest Group, American College of Sports Medicine, January 2011-June 2015
National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellow, U.S. Department of Defense, September 1997-August 2000
Henry Fuchs Memorial Prize, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University, January 1996
National Design Award, James F. Lincoln Arc Welding Foundation, January 1996
Phi Beta Kappa, January 1996
Tau Beta Pi, January 1996
Cum Laude Society, June 1990

Experience & Interests
Dr. Ajit Chaudhari has been a member of the faculty at OSU since 2006. His research focuses on the basic question: Can we better understand how athletic injuries happen by studying the human body as a mechanical system? In particular, Dr. Chaudhari is  interested in the role of core stability in the prevention and treatment of injuries across the entire body, the mechanisms behind overuse running injuries, the mechanisms behind anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury and the biomechanics of the golf swing. He has worked with athletes from several OSU and professional sports teams, as well as the OSU Dance department and BalletMet. His research has been sponsored by organizations such as the National Football League, National Institutes of Health, National Highway & Transportation Safety Administration, National Science Foundation and industrial sponsors.
Dr. Chaudhari has authored numerous articles and book chapters on the biomechanics of gait and athletic injury and is a reviewer for several sports medicine, kinesiology, orthopaedics and biomedical engineering journals. He is currently a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Orthopaedic Research Society, American Society of Biomechanics and a Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine.

Dan Richie, MS

Laboratory Manager and Research Engineer

Research Interests

Dan is involved in many of the projects in the lab and works with a researchers from a variety of disciplines. His research interest is in the biomechanics of running and walking. Dan’s current research focuses on assessing variability of self-paced treadmill walking. The objective is to validate the self-pacing treadmill as a tool that accurately reproduces natural walking in the indoor clinical setting. This knowledge will contribute to designing a treadmill that is more capable of transferring a patient’s improvement in the clinical setting to a patient’s daily life.


M.S. in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering, The Ohio State University, 2016
B.S. in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering, The Ohio State University, 2014

Honors and Awards

Graduate Teaching Associate of the Year 2017-2018 Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Sigma Gamma Tau National Aerospace Engineering Honors Society, inducted 2013
Provost Scholarship, The Ohio State University, 2010-2014


Dan enjoys running, reading and making memories with his family and friends.

Ken Okoye, MEng

Medical Scientist Trainee (MD/PhD), Biomedical Engineering

Research Interests

orthopedic surgery, anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, total knee arthroplasty


B.S. in Biomedical Engineering, University of Cincinnati – 2014
M.Eng. in Biomedical Engineering University of Cincinnati – 2015
“Mobile App Development to Augment Voice Therapy”

Honors and Awards

The Ohio State University – University Fellowship – 2015
OSU Medical Scientist Training Program Fellowship – 2016
OSU MSTP Academic Achievement and Leadership Award – 2016
Alpha Eta Mu Beta Biomedical Engineering Honorary – Inducted 2016
National Merit Finalist – 2009 Competition
Cincinnatus Excellence Scholar – 2009
University of Cincinnati University Honors Program – 2009
Alpha Epsilon Delta Honorary for Pre-Health Professions Students – Inducted 2012
Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honorary – Inducted 2013
Choose Ohio First Future Educators Fellowship – 2013


Sports hobbies include tennis, snowboarding, and cycling. Member of National Ski Patrol. Adaptive sports/muscular dystrophy camps, film and cinema, food and cooking.

Nelson Glover, MS

Nelson Glover
Doctoral Candidate, Mechanical Engineering

Research Interests

Nelson is interested in understanding the biomechanical consequences of fatigue on recreational runners. He is also interested in better understanding the underlying objectives that govern movement in different states, focusing on how an additional emphasis on stability can be present in fatigued runners. He plans on investigating this link through both experimental and computational methods.

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, 2016
M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, The Ohio State University, 2020

Honors and Awards
OSU AGGRS Grant Awardee, 2020
OSU FAST Fellowship Awardee, 2020
Patrick S. Osmer SROP Fellowship, 2016
Dean’s Graduate Enrichment Fellowship, 2016
Tau Beta Pi, inducted 2014
Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students Presentation Awardee, 2014
Meyerhoff Scholar, 2012
National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering Scholar, 2012

Nelson enjoys a range of sports, including basketball, golf, and snowboarding, as well as spending time with family and friends. Nelson also has a passion for mentoring young students. He is a co-founder and currently serves as President of the Society of Black Graduate Engineers.

Jessica Gilliam

Jessica Gilliam
Master’s Student, Mechanical Engineering

Research Interests
Jessica is interested in the biomechanics of baseball and softball pitching.

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, University of Dayton, 2019
Minor in Human Movement Biomechanics

Honors and Awards
Pi Tau Sigma Member, inducted 2017

Jessica enjoys running, hiking, camping, snowshoeing, and climbing with family and friends. Having tackled 2 of the 58 14er’s in the Colorado Rocky Moutain range, Jessica aspires to summit the rest.

Olaoluwa Akinsola


Olaoluwa Akinsola
Doctoral Student, Mechanical Engineering

Research Interest
Olaoluwa is interested in the biomechanics of balance and the impact that certain variables have on an individuals balance.


B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, 2019

Honors and Awards
Tau Beta Pi, inducted 2017
Meyerhoff Scholar, 2015
S-Stem Scholar, 2017

Olaoluwa enjoys playing soccer, basketball, graphic design, animating, writing, and reading.

Trevor Evans

Trevor Evans
Doctoral Student, Mechanical Engineering

Research Interests

Trevor is interested in characterizing the interaction between humans and a self-paced treadmill during gait. He is also interested in the effects of sensory perturbations on gait patterns and variability.

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, 2017

Honors and Awards
OSU Graduate Enrichment Fellowship, 2018
Tau Beta Pi, 2016
MARC U*STAR Scholar, 2015
Meyerhoff Scholar, 2013


Trevor enjoys playing golf and basketball, cooking, being with family and friends, reading, and playing the piano.

Maggie Yazzie

Maggie Yazzie, BS
Research Coordinator

B.S. in Community Health Montana State University 2018
Minor – Native American Studies

Honors and Awards
Association of American Indian Physicians 46th Annual Meeting in Shawnee, OK
Third place in the undergraduate research poster competition, 2017
Student of Excellence, 2017
Bobby Wright Memorial Award, 2016
Student of Excellence, 2011

Native American beadwork, collecting monopoly games, hiking, decorating during the holidays, playing World of Warcraft (For the Horde!), basketball, walking Rocket and Milo at dog parks, baking, and enjoys watching movies/shows.


Jackson Corbisello

Jackson Corbisello
Undergraduate Student, Biomedical Engineering

Pursuing a BSE in Biomedical Engineering and a certificate in Leadership Studies from Fisher College of Business

Research Interests
Injury prevention in young athletes. Biomechanics of runners before and after orthopedic surgeries and how we can use biomechanics to predict the likelihood of injuries over time. Jackson is also interested in the analysis of different strength training programs and how they impact risk of injury.

Awards and Honors
National Merit Scholar Finalist, 2019
Salem High School Valedictorian, 2019
Fundamentals of Engineering Honors student, 2020

Jackson enjoys physical fitness, primarily running and CrossFit training. He also enjoys golf and basketball. He is currently on the executive board of Block O and a member of the Theta Chi fraternity.

Shawanee’ Patrick, PhD

LEGACY Postdoctoral Scholar

Mechanical Engineering





Lab Alumni:

Aashika Katapadi


BS – Chemical and Bimolecular Engineering, Ohio State University

Research Interests
Aashika is interested in the effects of asymmetrical sports on symmetry during walking.


Aashika enjoys spending time with family and friends, playing tennis, and learning bharatanatyam (classical Indian) dance.

Melanie Sich

MD student – Wright State Unviersity


BS – Biomedical Engineering, Ohio State University

Research Interests
Melanie became interested in biomechanics primarily due to tearing her ACL while playing soccer in high school and volunteering for amputee soldiers at a military hospital in Ukraine during a gap year before college. Because of this, she’s interested in research dealing with amputees and injury prevention, and she hopes to become an orthopedic surgeon one day.


Traveling, playing soccer, running, playing piano, and spending time with family (6 siblings!), her dog, and friends.

Maggie Abrams, PT, DPT, CYT

Orthopedic and Women’s/Men’s Health Physical Therapist
Didactic and Research coordinator for the Clinical Residency in Women’s Health Physical Therapy

Research Interests

Maggie is interested in the biomechanical and musculoskeletal aspects of common pelvic and abdominal diagnoses, particularly chronic pain.  She is passionate about clinician participation in research, clinical utilization of research tools, and evidence-based practice.

Doctor of Physical Therapy, The Ohio State University, 2014
B.F.A. in Dance Performance, The Ohio State University, 2006

Honors and Awards

OSU DPT Program First Year Commencement Ceremony Speaker, 2016
Research Grant, Section on Women’s Health, 2015-2016
Scholarship, Department of Physical Therapy, OSU, 2014-2014
The Colby Scholarship, Department of Physical Therapy, OSU, 2011-2013


Powerlifting, yoga, Pilates, modern dance

Grace Couture, PT, DPT

Neurologic Physical Therapy Resident, Emory University


DPT, Ohio State University, 2019

BS in Clinical Exercise Science, Grand Valley State University, 2015

Research Interests
Grace is completing a Research Specialization and interested in functional and clinical applications of lower extremity biomechanics.  As a PT she hopes to continue research involvement through a PhD or academic association and work with program development and education abroad.


Grace loves to cycle, waterski, and rock climb. She enjoys cooking new and adventurous recipes, a good non-fiction book, and hopes to backpack Europe after graduation in 2019.

David Bellard, BA

Neurologic Physical Therapy Resident, University of Southern California


DPT, Ohio State University, 2019

Research Interests
Injury prevention and rehabilitation in distance runners


David enjoys reading, running, cooking, and spending time with his chihuahua-poodle mix, Diego.

Joe Passafiume

Apparel Research Engineer, Mast Global
MS, Mechanical Engineering, Ohio State University, 2019
B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, University of Dayton, 2017
Minor in Human Movement Biomechanics
Research Interests
Joe’s research focused on the impact that breathing technique can have on fatigue during running. Specifically, the research analyzed if receiving real-time visual feedback on how you are breathing during a run has an impact on fatigue.
Joe enjoys watching all sports, particularly football, basketball, and baseball, and is a passionate fan of all Cleveland sports teams.

Catalina Abad, BS

Baseball Operations Fellow, Cleveland Indians
MS, Biomedical Engineering, Ohio State University, 2019
B.S. in Biomedical Engineering, Purdue University, 2017
Research Interests
Catalina’s interested in the application of wearable sensors for human performance monitoring. Her current research utilizes wearable technology to determine the variability of gait parameters in self-paced treadmill running. This work involves comparison of running biomechanics between the self-paced treadmill and overground running.
Catalina enjoys playing soccer, exploring new hiking trails, and spending time with her kitten Squid.

Biomechanist – Tampa Bay Rays, Major League Baseball
PhD – School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, Ohio State University, 2018
Former Movement Analysis and Performance Lab Manager

Research Interests
Mike’s dissertation investigated how how energy is transferred from the ground to the hand during baseball pitching, and the effects of perceived workload and pitch counts on pain and overuse injuries in high school aged baseball pitchers. This research aims to lead to a better understanding of how biomechanics can help pitchers perform at their highest level while minimizing the potential for damage to their arm, and hopes to provide evidence based recommendations for pitch counts in high school baseball.

Andrea Wanamaker, PhD


Marketing Analytics Senior Associate – JP Morgan Chase
Phd – Biomedical Engineering, Ohio State University, 2017

Research Interests
Andrea dissertation involved comprehensive examination of the long-term financial burden of living with an upper or lower extremity amputation and evaluating functional and biomechanical outcomes in how partial-hand and transradial amputees move with and without their prosthesis.

Scott Monfort, PhD

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Assistant Professor, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
Montana State University

Research Interests
Scott’s dissertation  investigated the effects of chemotherapy on gait and balance of cancer patients. This work involved developing ways to measure these tasks in the oncology clinic as well as conducting detailed testing in the biomechanics laboratory. The outcome of this research is aimed at better understanding the adverse effects of chemotherapy and contributing towards reducing the burden of these symptoms on patients’ quality of life.

Margaret Raabe, PhD

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Biomedical Engineer, Globus Medical, Inc.

Research Interests
Margaret’s dissertation focused on lower extremity mechanics and lower extremity and core muscle function in individuals while running. Specifically she used both computational and experimental techniques to examine the core musculature and their relationship to running mechanics and the possible role they play in injury prevention. This knowledge may lead to the development of optimal training, injury prevention, and rehabilitation regimens.

Greg Freisinger, PhD

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering

United States Military Academy at West Point

Research Interests
Greg’s research at Ohio State was focused on determining how laxity of the knee joint contributes to biomechanical and clinical function. His dissertation was focused on the impact of laxity, measured in the operating room, on functional outcomes in patients with severe osteoarthritis and after total knee replacement. Greg is currently an Assistant Professor at The United States Military Academy, where he teaches dynamics and collaborates with the Army Research Lab. His research is focused on the impact of physical augmentation devices on performance, as part of DARPA’s Warrior Web initiative. His wife, Susan, is also a graduate of Ohio State, with degrees in English and Interior Design. Greg and Susan were both Army Engineer Officers in Hawaii and, since leaving the military, have been actively involved with Team Rubicon.

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Jackie Lewis, PhD

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Research Interests
Jackie Lewis graduated with her Ph.D. in May 2015 and accepted a position as a Senior Biomechanist at the forensic biomechanics firm, ARCCA, Inc. in Penns Park, Pennsylvania. ARCCA is a preferred choice of engineering analysis and claims processes for insurance companies, law firms, governmental agencies, and corporate safety and risk management departments. She is part of a team that reconstructs and analyzes accidents where a brain, nerve or musculoskeletal injury or fatality has occurred. She also serves as an expert witness in court cases.

Rachel Teater, BS

Rachel is now a PhD student in Mechanical Engineering at Vanderbilt University.






Jared Pradarelli, BS

Career and Internship Fair HeadshotsDoctor of Physical Therapy Student, University of Washington in Seattle (Class of 2020)




Samuel Seelbach, BS

10531437_10204074464051977_2073719300388284995_oSoftware Engineer

Bionetics Corporation




 Justin Creps, MS

Justin headshot


Engineering Instructor, Tolles Career & Technical Center

Cross Country & Track Coach, Jonathan Alder High School



Megan Kruze

Undergraduate Student – Biomedical Science

Megan is finishing up her senior year of undergraduate study of Biomedical Science and will move on to Physical Therapy school after she graduates in May 2019. She is also currently working at the Martha Morehouse Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic as a Student Tech where she assists physical therapists in the treatment of spinal cord injury patients. Her time in the lab taught her so much, and she is grateful for the experience!


Tatiana Sedlak, BS

Design Engineer, Genesis

Joshua Everhart, MD

Josh is currently a resident in Orthopaedic Surgery at Ohio State University.

Allie Van Dril, BS, Kinesiology

Allie is now a physical therapist in Chicago.

Yadetsie Zaragoza-Rivera, BS, Mechanical Engineering

Yadetsie is now a PhD student in Mechanical Engineering at Ohio State University, focusing on vehicular injury biomechanics.

Juliette Yedimenko, MD

Juliette is now a resident in Internal Medicine at Ohio State University.

Ryan McNeilan, MD

Ryan is now a fellow in Sports Orthopaedic Surgery at Steadman Hawkins Clinic – Denver.

Ursula Brush, MS, Biomedical Engineering

Ursula is a riding instructor and owner of the Reiterheim Foundation, dedicated providing equine therapy to disadvantaged children in Central Ohio.

Joshua Cotter, PhD

Josh is an Assistant Professor of Kinesiology at California State University, Long Beach.

Christine Glendon, MD

Christine is a resident in Emergency Medicine at Darnall Army Medical Center at Fort Hood, Texas.

Nikhil Tendulkar, MD

Nikhil is now a resident in Orthopaedic Surgery at Stanford University.

Steven Jamison, PhD

Steve is a Data Analyst at TrueMotion in Boston, MA.

Nick Yontz, MS

Nick now designs golf equipment at Callaway Golf in Portland, OR. He previously worked at Nike Golf.

Eric Zelman, MD

Eric is now an anesthesiologist practicing in Silver Spring, MD.

Robert Simon, MD

John Sacco, MS, Mechanical Engineering

Sarah Hetterscheidt, BS, Biomedical Engineering

Kyle Hoffman, BS, Biomedical Engineering

Richard Voigt, BS, Business