Fastpitch Softball Biomechanics Research Study

In recent years there has been an increase in concern for the health and well-being of youth softball athletes. A study conducted by Werner et. al. looked at Olympic rise-ball pitchers and it was found that the forces, torques, and velocities raised similar concerns as seen in professional baseball pitchers (Werner et al., 2001).  In a study by Smith et. al. 36.5% of youth softball pitchers reported having pitched between 75 and 100 pitches per game. Not only is this unregulated, but youth teams typically only carry one pitcher that can throw 2 to 3 games in a day in a 3 to 4 day tournament (Smith et al., 2015).

The objective of this research study is to improve the understanding of softball functional ability and its relationship to biomechanics for both performance and injury prevention. This study will identify changes in stride characteristics between different pitch types and their implications for injury.

We are now underway for human subject testing! Any female pitching athletes between the ages of 13-19 years old who are interested please contact Jessica Gilliam!