An investigation of jogging biomechanics using the full-body lumbar spine model: Model development and validation

FBLSmodelMargaret Raabe recently just published an article in the Journal of Biomechanics detailing the development and validation of the novel musculoskeletal model she created in the modeling software OpenSim. This is the first OpenSim full body-model to include extensive trunk musculature and degrees of freedom in the lumbar spine. The full-body lumbar spine (FBLS) model provides researchers with a tool to develop more physiologically accurate full-body dynamic simulations of human movement. The paper also presents some data from jogging simulations created using the FBLS model, and shows that the model successfully estimates jogging biomechanics and muscle activation patterns similar to those previously reported experimentally in the literature. Her model will be made freely-available on the SimTK website ( for other researchers around the world to use to address their own research questions.

OpenSim running Video view 1