Flooding injury from heavy rains in 2017

Cercospora Blight appeared late in the season 2017

Southern Stem Canker appeared in a few fields during 2017

We will be around the state reporting on new finds and updating management guidelines for soybean in Ohio.
Feb 6, 2018: Clinton County Fairgrounds Expo Center in Wilimington (nye.1@osu.edu)
Feb 8, 2018: Old Zims for the Wood/Sandusky/Seneca/Erie Agronomy Day (gahler.2@osu.edu)
Feb 9, 2018: Bauvarian Haus in Deshler (ruff.72@osu.edu)

Harvest has started!

We are rapidly trying to capture the last of this season’s field data from our studies on seed treatments, variety response and mid-season foliar treatments to managing Ohio’s plethora of soybean pathogens.

Remember for fields with Sclerotinia stem rot – harvest those last as the sclerotia can then be moved from field to field in the combine.

For fields affected by Phomopsis seed decay, the longer those plants are in the field, the more seeds can become infected. So in this case to keep as few seeds as possible – harvest these sooner, especially if rains are in the forcast.