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21 thoughts on “Welcome!

    • Hi Dan,

      We have updated our website and you can find the 2019 XV’s schedule on the 2019 SCHEDULE tab.

      Go Bucks!

  1. I played rugby at Ohio State from the spring of 1971 through the fall of 1972 when I graduated. I have not been able to return to the campus since then. I have recently retired and would like to know if there are any special events going on this fall that I might be able to attend. I appreciate any information you can send me. Thanks

    • Hi Justin,

      Every Fall we open up our team store to allow players, family, and fans the opportunity to buy OSU rugby gear. However, jerseys are purchased by the team for the team. I will get you in touch with our head coach to see if he has some older jerseys he would be willing to sell.

    • I played OSU 1966-69. We got our first jerseys in 67 I think: scarlet and grey 4” hoops with white collars…classic. But that color combo is very hard to find.
      However I found one in 2xl last year after extensive search, American Rugby Outfitters. It was in some remaindered category!
      Very different from the “tactical” gear the players wear today.
      Good luck if you do a search.
      Hope this helps.
      Go Bucks!
      Scott Wilber, OSU ‘70.

    • Hi Adrian,
      Due to the pandemic, we will not be having a season this fall. However, there is a possibility for us to playing in the upcoming spring semester. Follow our social media accounts for any updates.

    • Hi Jon,
      There has been much talk about using either coffey fields or renovating the corn field across kenny road. Currently, the interim home field will be the Fortress located in Obetz. If this changes, there will be a notification on our social media and the address will be changed on our website.

  2. Hi,

    I stupidly traded my jersey for a jacket in the early 80’s. My daughters give me so much grief about that decision. I would like to buy each of them a team jersey from the 1978 to early 80’s era. Any advice?
    Greg Gallagher

  3. I am hoping to reach someone to help me out with a favor. My son who is a Warden in the Kingman Arizona prison had called me (his mom of course) to see if I could help him and another staff member get something for a fellow co-worker. We are from Newcomerstown Ohio but my sons job is in Arizona. I have tried to call and leave messages several times with no luck and this is important to him. This co-worker whose name is Jeff Wrigley was on the rugby team in approximately 1978, they couldn’t ask him because it is a surprise, but he is always talking about the team he was on. They have tried to find a rugby jersey from The Ohio State University for some time with no luck. Is there any way you can let me know what I can do to get one for him? Cost, etc. You have no idea how much appreciated this would be. I look forward to hearing back from you. Thank you.

  4. I have also tried to contact the President of the Club by email, requesting to buy a OSU rugby shirt for my best friend’s birthday at the end of this month. He and I both played on the Rugby Club from 1971 to 1975. He is turning 70 and it would mean a lot to him.

    Please respond by telephone or by email. Paulkerns007@gmail.com or 586-354-0033. Thanks so much.

    Paul Kerns

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