Ohio State History

Phi Gamma Delta is rich in the history and tradition of The Ohio State University:

FIJI was the first student organization at Ohio State, and some of the first graduates of the university were FIJIs. The fraternity created the Makio, the official student yearbook. Additionally, FIJIs created the Block ‘O’, the famous logo of our university. This logo was inspired by a diamond, the symbol of Phi Gamma Delta.

Edward Orton, the first President of The Ohio State University, was a Phi Gam. Most Buckeyes likely know of the bell tower on the south side of the Oval that is named after him!

Jack Nicklaus, a brother who graduated in 1962, is arguably the greatest professional golfer of all time. Nicknamed ‘The Golden Bear,’ Brother Nicklaus accumulated 73 PGA Tour wins, including 18 majors – a record that still stands today.

Chic Harley, an Ohio State Phi Gam, brought our football program to national prominence. He was a three-time All-American running back (1916, ’17, ’19) and was eventually inducted into the first class of the College Football Hall of Fame (’51). Largely due to his electrifying play, Ohio Stadium was built in 1922. What we now know as “The ‘Shoe” was dubbed the “House that Harley Built.”

Michael Moritz, another Ohio State Phi Gam, is the second-largest benefactor to The Ohio State University. He created a scholarship fund that covers the full cost of tuition for law students. The law school, located next to the Ohio Union, is named after him.

General Robert L. Eichelberger, a brother of the 1907 graduating class, was a former Superintendent at West Point and Commander of the Eighth US Army during World War II. He is one of 15 FIJIs buried at the Arlington National Cemetery.

Tom Matte, another football player at Ohio State, won Super Bowl V with the Indianapolis Colts in 1971.



1875_orton_edward_001_4C            chic-harley

President Edward Orton                                                 Chic Harley


jack             Tom_Matte

Jack Nicklaus                                                                     Tom Matte


general robert

Gen. Robert L. Eichelberger