Selection Process

Faculty reviewers will evaluate the nominees based on the following criteria:

  • Evidence of high ability for scholarship and/or research as reflected by their scholarly record. Interdisciplinary areas of scholarship/research are preferred.
  • Proven track record for obtaining external and internal funding.
  • Well-articulated career goals consistent with a research/scholarship career.
  • Evidence of leadership, initiative and mentoring skills.
  • Capacity to network effectively (measured by the extent and quality of their professional network).
  • Solid understanding of the diversity, equity and inclusion issues within their own discipline and across the U.S. Experience with and commitment to diversity and inclusion programs is highly valued. Familiarity with Ohio State’s discipline-related programs and initiatives in this area is a plus.
  • Strong letters of recommendation.

Faculty reviewers will evaluate the mentoring environment based on the following criteria:

  • Evidence of prior successful postdoctoral mentoring (measured by the outcomes of previous postdoctoral trainees; or graduate trainees depending on the discipline).
  • Mentoring philosophy consistent with research on good mentoring practices.
  • Verification of ethical standards for conducting research beyond responsible conduct of research training.
  • Evidence that the nominee will be provided with sufficient opportunities to acquire the skills necessary to become an expert in an agreed upon area. The mentoring plan has to be compatible with the nominee’s IDP.
  • Confirmation that the nominee will be provided with required guidance and mentoring.
  • Clear understanding of the need for a mentoring network for the nominee that includes faculty, peers and staff on and off campus.
  • Support for professional development in areas such as writing, communication, mentoring, time management, etc.