Postdoctoral Professional Development Program Certification

This professional development program includes activities designed to enhance professional acumen and advance postdoctoral scholars careers. The goal of this curriculum is to equip postdoctoral scholars with the skills necessary to navigate their postdoctoral training and prepare for many different types of careers.

Each component of the certification program offers a number of options: in person events, live webinars, or static online resources. After completing the Basic component and 1 of the 2 Tracks (either Academic or Non-Academic), participants will receive a certification that can be listed on their resume or CV. The certification can be completed throughout your Postdoctoral period at Ohio State, but you must register within 6 months of your hire date to participate.

Learn how to sign up for the program and get credit for events here!


In order to get the certification you need to complete:

  • Basic Training (26-55 hours) These are activities that address professional needs of all postdocs. Everyone pursuing the certification has to complete this section in addition to one of the tracks below:
    • Academic Track (30-56 hours) These are activities that are relevant to those who will be pursuing an academic career.
    • Non-Academic Track (6-33 hours) These are activities that are relevant to those who will be pursuing non-academic careers.

Please note that the estimated time to finish each component varies depending on the activities you choose to complete (e.g. online modules, full-day workshops, semester-long courses, etc). Different options have been included to make the program feasible for both short-term and long-term postdocs.