Teaching Opportunities

Postdoctoral scholars in some fields do not have teaching training and opportunities included in their postdoctoral training. However, to be competitive for faculty positions at primarily undergraduate institutions, and even at some departments in research intensive institutions, applicants have to demonstrate knowledge and experience with teaching. For this reason, we have made a list of resources and programs that could be useful to postdoctoral scholars looking teaching opportunities.

Important things to consider:

  1. To be compensated for teaching done on campus (i.e. for Ohio State), the funding of your appointment would need to be split. If you are employing 10% of your time teaching, then the unit benefiting from your teaching will be responsible for paying 10% of your salary and benefits, and your advisor/department will pay for 90%. Note: Your appointment cannot be split. You must remain as a 100% FTE employee in your unit. This is particularly important for international postdocs who are on visas such as J1 or H1b.
  2. If you teach outside of Ohio State, and you will do this as a side job, you will likely have to be hired as an adjunct by the institution you are teaching for. This is typically not an option for postdocs who are not US citizens or permanent residents.
  3. If you are funded by a fellowship, make sure that teaching is not forbidden by your funder.

On-campus Opportunities

Teaching Training

Teaching Opportunities

  • Center for Life Sciences Education, Contact: Caroline Breitenberger, Director, 260 Jennings Hall, 614-292-6945

Off-campus Opportunities

Researcher, Mentor Teacher (RMT) Program

Columbus State Community College

Nearby colleges and universities that post adjunct professor positions (listed by enrollment size):

Webinar: Getting Different Types of Teaching Experience