Financial Planning Resources

There are a number of financial planning resources available through the university:

  • You can access a number of financial literacy tools, including ‘9 Financial Wellness Modules’ here using your email address.
  • If you have specific financial questions, you can email Ben Raines, the Program Coordinator of the Student Wellness Center.
  • The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) has Financial Counseling available. For more information, please visit the website or call 800-678-6265.
  • Learn about retirement plans. Ben Raines, the Financial Wellness Coordinator within the Student Life and Wellness Center at Ohio State offers a webinar  (slides) to help postdocs understand financial planning resources and retirement options available to them. Please Note: Right after the webinar was recorded, HR made some changes to the ARP, which will make portions of the webinar obsolete.  Read all the information about the changes in the HR announcement.