Postdoc Engagement Award

This award is a new initiative to be presented every semester. It is designed to recognize postdocs who devote time towards professional development in addition to doing their research. We identify the trainees who are taking advantage of the professional development opportunities we offer each semester, and choose the recipient from this group.

The Spring 2018 Postdoc Engagement Awardee:


The OPA is pleased to announce that the Spring 2018 awardee is Douglas Cheung, a postdoctoral researcher in the Comprehensive Cancer Center. He is exploring different non-academic career options, especially in technology transfer and science policy. He has been involved in multiple professional development opportunities offered by the OPA related to the job search, leadership, and public speaking. They have helped him identify and develop essential soft skills for the transition to a different career. Douglas also had the opportunity to attend the National Postdoctoral Association Annual Conference back in April, after winning the travel award offered by the OPA. It was a transformative experience, as it was the perfect platform for meeting and exchanging ideas with other postdocs, as well as leaders who are interested in the training and development of postdocs, from all across the nation. Douglas strongly believes that the knowledge and skills he learned from these events will prepare him for the next step of his career.

The Fall 2017 Postdoc Engagement Awardee:


The OPA is pleased to announce that the Fall 2017 awardee is Jeffrey Skidmore, a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at The Ohio State University. Jeff’s career goal is to be a professor at a research university, and he is equally passionate about research, teaching, and mentoring future scholars.  In addition to conducting influential research, Jeff has been engaging in several professional development opportunities as preparation for a faculty position.  He has attended workshops related to research group management, tracking and enhancing research impact, intellectual property, establishing industry collaborations, among others. Through his professional development plan, Jeff has been gaining the knowledge and skills that complement his academic expertise and prepare him to succeed in academia