FAQs Eligibility

Who is eligible to apply?

Nominees must:

    • Have obtained a PhD or other appropriate terminal degree by the nomination deadline or later, from an accredited university before the start of postdoctoral training.
    • Be able to begin their postdoctoral position no later than January 1, 2024.
    • Complete an individual development plan (IDP). Suggested resources: STEM fields and/or Humanities and social science fields. Note, the IDP is necessary for the mentoring plan.
    • Obtain sponsorship from an Ohio State tenure-track faculty member who is willing to serve as their primary mentor.
    • Show evidence of superior academic achievement (such as research or creative expression outcomes, honors or other academic designation).
    • Demonstrate a commitment to a career in research and creative expression (preference will be given to candidates who wish to pursue academic careers).


    • Nominees who are currently working at Ohio State as postdoctoral scholars must have been hired after November 1, 2021.
    • Ohio State graduate students are eligible but preference will be given to external candidates.

Nominating faculty must:

  • Be an Ohio State tenure-track faculty member.
  • Nominate only one person.
  • Decision tree graph (attached) and /or
    • Faculty in fields with a tradition of postdoctoral training: Have trained at least five postdoctoral scholars. If the nominating faculty member does not have the required postdoctoral training experience, they can apply if they have received formal mentoring training from a professional society, National Research Mentoring Network or similar entity (proof of training is required and needs to be submitted with the nomination package) and have a co-mentor who has mentored at least five postdoctoral scholars.
    • Faculty in fields for which postdoctoral training is new: Have trained at least ten doctoral/MFA students. They should provide a list of terminal degree mentees in the form provided for postdoctoral training experience. If the nominating faculty member does not have the required doctoral/MFA training experience, they need to have received formal mentoring training from an entity in their field or related discipline and have a co-mentor who has the experience as outlined above and have a co-mentor who has mentored at least five doctoral/MFA students.
  • Not be the candidate’s PhD or terminal degree advisor.
  • Submit a mentoring plan based on the candidate’s individual development plan (IDP).
  • Attend an orientation session to learn more about the PPSP program and the review criteria for the year two renewal.
  • Participate in future PPSP review efforts.

Are currently appointed postdocs eligible to receive a PPSP award?

Yes, faculty can nominate both incoming postdocs and postdocs already at Ohio State. Note that candidates already employed at Ohio State must have been hired after November 1, 2021.

Can PPSP nominees be international?

International candidates can be nominated. The award is contingent upon obtaining the appropriate visa to be able to be hired by the department or unit. Our timeline allows J-1 visa processing.

What is the role of the co-mentor?

The co-mentor does not have research/scholarship advising responsibilities, although this is not forbidden either. Thus, it is not necessary for the co-mentor to be in exactly the same area of research. The main role for the co-mentor is to help the postdoc optimize their training experience, to assist with socialization into the disciplinary culture, and to help the postdoc with their job search by providing advice and networking opportunities as well as making them aware of opportunities they may be aware of that are suitable for the postdoc.

Can the co-mentor be the nominating mentor for a candidate for the PPSP?

Yes, the co-mentor is not forbidden from nominating a candidate themselves.

Mentoring training

The OPA offers mentoring training. Proof of the training will need to be uploaded to the nomination form by December 2, 2022. An alternate option is an online training available here: https://www.ctsi.umn.edu/education-and-training/mentoring/mentor-training. This training was created with the STEM fields in mind, but we find that most of it is applicable to any discipline. Optimizing the Practice of Mentoring 101 would be the module we recommend. Participants should receive a certificate at the end that can be uploaded to the nomination form later.

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