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How do I apply?

Eligible individuals may be nominated by a faculty mentor/advisor. Please consider the award criteria and nomination process before determining the nominee for the program.

Does the advisor or the applicant complete and submit the PPSP nomination form?

The nominating faculty member is responsible for submitting the nomination form. The candidate and the nominating faculty member should work together to complete the form. This is particularly important for the mentoring plan. The IDP generated by the candidate should help the candidate inform the nominating faculty member to create an appropriate mentoring plan

How do you submit the letters of recommendation?

Send letters of recommendation directly to the faculty member nominating the candidate, as these letters must be submitted with the complete nomination package in a PDF file. Do not send them to the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs

Do the letters of recommendation need to be from people at Ohio State?

No. The letters should come from people who know the candidate – either people at Ohio State or other institutions. The best letters are those that speak about the candidate’s professional skills, both cognitive and non-cognitive, and the candidate’s potential as a future scholar in their field.

Can the faculty mentors of the previous year’s cohort nominate a candidate this year?

Because current mentors in the PPSP serve on the review committee, they are not eligible to submit a nomination for the following cycle. They would be eligible to nominate a new candidate two years after because they would no longer be serving on the review panel. Their current fellow would complete the program before a new fellow would start their fellowship.

Can assistant professors nominate a candidate?

Yes, as long as the eligibility criteria are met.

I am from a discipline with very short history of training postdocs and I do not have the required experience; can I nominate a candidate?

We are aware that in the arts, humanities and some social sciences, postdoctoral training is relatively new. For these disciplines, the nominating faculty would need to have graduated five or more doctoral/MFA students. They should provide a list of terminal degree mentees in the form provided. If they have mentored less than five individuals, faculty need to have received formal mentoring training from an entity in their field or related discipline and have a co-mentor who has the experience as outlined above. The training has to occur prior to the nomination deadline and proof of completion needs to be submitted with the nomination package.

The award and appointment are contingent upon the nominee obtaining the appropriate visa. The PPSP timeline allows sufficient time for processing J-1 visas. The PPSP or the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs do not cover the cost of fees associated with obtaining a visa.

In the Experience Mentoring Postdoctoral/Doctoral Trainee forms, what do we list for publications and accomplishments?

In the Experience Mentoring Postdoctoral/Doctoral Trainees form, please list publications and accomplishments during the training period. Publications and accomplishments from after the trainee left their postdoctoral/doctoral position do need to be included.

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