External Positions

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Assistant Professor (Coastal Ecology) University of Washington 12/1/22
Assistant Professor (Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering) George Washington University 12/1/22
Assistant Professor (Statistics) University of Rhode Island 12/1/22
Assistant Professor (Public and Environmental Health) Colorado State University 12/1/22
Assistant Professor (Psychology) Pennsylvania State University 12/1/22
Associate Professor (Energy-Water Nexus – Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering) University of California, Berkeley 12/1/22
Project Manager, Digital, Data, and Design Institute Harvard University 11/7/22
Postdoctoral Associate (Entomology) University of Tennessee, Knoxville 11/7/22
Postdoctoral Fellow (Agricultural Engineering) Kansas State University 11/7/22
Assistant Professor (Environmental Science) Texas A&M University 11/7/22
Postdoctoral Research Associate (Princeton Quantum Initiative) Princeton University 11/7/22
Postdoctoral Scholar (Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology and Office of Postdoctoral Affairs) The Ohio State University 11/7/22
Professor (Biological Engineering) Harvard University 11/7/22
Assistant Professor (Business Health and Technology/Data) Northeastern University 11/7/22
Assistant Professor (Art History) Oklahoma State University 11/7/22
Assistant Professor (Physics) Princeton University 11/7/22
Assistant Professor (Computer Science) George Mason University 11/7/22
Assistant Professor (Humanities) The University of Southern Mississippi 11/7/22
Assistant Professor (Biology) Northern Illinois University 11/7/22
Science Program Manager (Biological and Medical Imaging) Chan Zuckerberg Initiative 11/7/22
Training and Professional Development Administrator Princeton University Neuroscience Institute 11/7/22