Poster Presentations

1.“Pulsed Electric Field processing at industrial relevant conditions: possibilities and constraints” – R. Timmermans; M. Nierop Groot; L. Nederhoff; T. van Boekel; A. Matser; H. Mastwijk
2. “Application of the response surface methodology to the effect of high pressure conditions on physicochemical characteristics of meat” – P. Ormando; M. Nagel; L. Vranic; A. Delgado
3. “Dynamic oscillatory rheological measurements of high hydrostatic pressure processed meat” – P. Ormando; M. Nagel; J. Agudo; L. Vranic; A. Wierschem
4. “Mung bean disinfection using cold atmospheric plasma” – D. Bayliss; J. Walsh; L. Everis; K. Jewell; C. Leadley
5. “Prevention of Microbial Adhesion using Nano-engineered Alumina Surfaces” – N. Rungraeng; F. Hizal; C.H. Choi; S. Jun
6. “Influence of ohmic heating/osmotic dehydration treatments on polyphenol compound and color in osmodehydrated apples (var. fuji)” – J. Moreno; P. Zuñiga; C. Pavez; G. Petzold; H. Nuñez; R. Simpson
7. “Palladium-based oxygen scavenger as a novel approach to preserving food quality” – M. Lamberti; S. Yildirim
8. “Influence of High Pressure Processing on almond milk” – S. Dhakal; V.M. Balasubramaniam
9. “Shelf-stable milk rich in conjugated linoleic acid treated by pressure-assisted thermal processing: A case of study” – M. Saldaña; S. Martinez-Monteagudo
10. “Process Non-Uniformity during High Hydrostatic Pressure Processing of Heterogeneous Foods” – J. Maldonado; A. Nair; A. Cuitiño; D. Schaffner; M. Karwea
11. “Pressure resistance of Escherichia coli” – H. Li; R. Garcia-Hernandez; L. McMullen; K. Venditti; D. Driedger; M. Gänzle
12. “Inactivation of Samonella typhimurium by thermosonication at different temperatures” – H. Liao; B. Wang; X. Liao; X. Hu
13. “Effect of Surface Roughness on Microbial Inactivation Efficacy of Cold Atmospheric Pressure Plasma” – S. Bhide; D. Schaffner; M. Karwe
14. “Effects of High Pressure Processing and High Temperature Short Time on the microorganisms and qualities of Grapefruit juice” – R. Li; X. Liao
15. “Inactivation of Escherichia coli O157:H7 by pulsed electric fields applying mili and micropulses” – S. Condón-Abanto; E. Luengo; A. Bordetas; J. Raso; I. Álvarez
16. “The effects of different nonthermal treatments on inactivation of Bacillus subtilis spores” – B. Zhou; D. Tao; J. Yi; L. Zhang; X. Hu; Y. Zhang
17. “Protein changes of Sauvignon Blanc wine by High Pressure Processing” – L. Moreno-Osorio; G. Tabilo-Munizaga; M. Perez-Won; L. Mariela; N. Salazar Fernando; R. Villalobos-Carvajal
18. “Heat of Compression of Plastic Polymers During High Pressure Processing” – K. Casulli; S. Dhakal; S. Park; KP Sandeep; V.M. Balasubramaniam
19. “Effects of Storage Conditions on 5-methyltetrahydrofolate Polyglutamate Species Distribution in High-Pressure Processed Broccoli (Brassica oleracea)” – C. Nackerman; K. Riedl; S. Park; S. Schwartz; V.M. Balasubramaniam
20. “Review: High pressure treatment effects on thermophysical and crystallization properties of lipids and lipid based foods” – M. Zulkurnain; F. Maleky; V.M. Balasubramaniam
21. “Characteristics of high pressure homogenized chocolate and vanilla based beverages” – B. Yan; S. Park; K. Farooq; V.M. Balasubramaniam
22. “Effectiveness of reactive species generated by cold atmospheric pressure plasma from air and nitrogen gas in inactivating Enterobacter aerogenes” – C. Nicole; D. Schaffner; M. Karwe
23. “Sequential application of ozone and mild heat: how injured bacterial sub-populations influence treatment synergy” – N. Morrison; A. Yousef
24. “High Pressure Processing of Barramundi (Lates calcarifer): Effects on Important Physicochemical Properties after Pressurization and During Frozen Storage” – B. Truong; M. Nguyen; R. Buckow
25. “Novel Methodology For Monitoring Protein Denaturation Induced By High Hydostratic Pressure Process” – M. Guzmán; L. Segura; G. Tabilo-Munizaga; M. Perez-Won
26. “Effect of high pressure homogenization (HPH) on proteins instability of Sauvignon blanc must and wine” – M. Labbé; F. Salazar; M. Carrasco; L. Moreno-Osorio; G. Tabilo-Munizaga; M. Pérez-Won
27. “Effects of Multi-Pass High Pressure Homogenization (MP-HPH) on Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice (FCOJ)” – T. Leite; Augusto; P. Duarte; M. Cristianini
28. “Changing Rheological Properties of Concentrated Orange Juice (COJ) using of High Pressure Homogenization (HPH) process” – T. Leite; Augusto; P. Duarte; M. Cristianini
29. “Characterization of rennet-induced gels using bovine rennet processed by high pressure homogenization” – B. Leite Júnior, A. Tribst; M. Cristianini
30. “Effects of High Hydrostatic Pressure on Coconut Water Peroxidase Activity” – E. Gragnani; M. Cristianini
31. “Investigation of pulsed electric fields effects on water holding capacityof pork loin at fields strength of 0,5-2 kV/cm and specific energy of 1-20 kJ/kg” – H. Makaryan
32. “The effect of salt and sugar on microbial spore inactivation during pressure assisted thermal processing and thermal treatment in HEPES buffer and food matrices” – R. Thammakulkrajang, V.M. Balasubramaniam
33. “Effects of high pressure processing before or after lamb sausage manufacture on physicochemical, technological and textural parameters” – Y. Gao; N. Szerman; Y. Barrio; D.Q. Zhang; S.R. Vaudagna
34. “Response surface methodology study on the effects of sodium chloride, sodium tripolyphosphate, transglutaminase and pressure level on physicochemical and textural properties of beef patties” – N. Szerman; A, Gardinali; P. Trisciani; C. Sanow; A.M. Sancho; S.R. Vaudagna
35. “Dense Phase Carbon Dioxide processing of garlic cloves: greening kinetics and effect on the quality attributes” – D. Tao; B. Zhou; L. Zhang; X. Hu; Y. Zhang
36. “High hydrostatic pressure treatment of minced beef for patty manufacture: effects of pressure level and holding time on thermal and molecular characterization of proteins” – A. Eccoña Sota; S. Vaudagna; F. Speroni
37. “Combined effect of High Pressure Processing and lactocin 705/AL705 on inactivation of Listeria innocua 7 in slices of cured cooked pork loin” – A. Dallagnol; Y. Barrio; S.R. Vaudagna; N. Szerman; M. Cap; M. Masana; P. Castellano; G. Vignolo
38. “Effect of High Pressure Processing and refrigerated storage on the shelf life of minimally processed peaches” – G. Denoya; G. Polenta; T. Soteras; M. Cap; C. Sanow; S. Vaudagna
39. “Do novel technologies lead to the redefinition of freshness in minimally processed fruits?” – G. Denoya; M. Nanni; N. Apóstolo; S. Vaudagna; G. Polenta
40. “Shredded Mozzarella cheese preservation at ambient temperature using supercritical carbon dioxide alone and in combination with peracetic acid” – A.M. Sikin; M. Walkling-Ribeiro; S. Rizvi
41. “Structural Changes of Milk Protein Concentrates Induced by High Hydrostatic Pressure” – L. Cadesky; M. Walkling-Ribeiro; C. Moraru
42. ” An overview of High Pressure Homogenization for continuous processing of nutritious liquid foods” – S. Martinez-Monteagudo; B. Yan; V.M. Balasubrananiam

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