Spring 2020 uSTARS: Undergraduate Scientific Topics and Research Symposium

We held our first ever undergraduate research symposium this spring, allowing students to present what they have been working on this year. The students delivered virtual poster presentations to their peers, graduate mentors, and proud faculty members. We are looking forward to holding more opportunities for students to present their work and allowing everyone to learn and grow! Check out the topics and the Powerpoint below with the posters and presentation audio!

uSTARS presentation_May2020_audio

Coming Soon… The Bertec Immersive Labs

Our state-of-the-science research facility contains cutting-edge equipment, now including an immersive virtual reality system consisting of a 4k wide-angle projector and a 180-degree spherical screen. The immersive virtual reality system allows full control of the visual scene to investigate the role of visual information during standing and walking. The visual screen surrounds a fully instrumented, split-belt treadmill. The split-belt treadmill can operate in belt-driven or subject-driven mode, the latter using measurements from the motion capture system to adjust belt speed and maintain the subject in the center of the treadmill during walking. The motion capture system is a 9-camera Vicon motion capture system for measurement of 3D kinematics. Auxiliary digital inputs/outputs allow synchronized integration with external devices, such as galvanic vestibular stimulation (GVS) and electromyography (EMG). Installed directly over the treadmill is a safety harness to prevent falls.


Congratulations to Cody Mansfield, Matthew Briggs, Laura Boucher, and James Onate for their newest grant award! They received the grant from The Ohio Physical Therapy Association in September of 2019 for The Effects of Bilateral Knee Pain and Dry Needling on Laterality Recognition, Movement and Function.

Receiving the award, September 2019

Also, check out their latest publication on the Sharp-Purser test! Click here for the article and take a look at the handy infographic below.
Sharp-Purser Test