• Prenatal Trip Assistance (PTA) Project

    The PTA study is a study comparing two methods of delivering transportation assistance to pregnant women living in communities with high rates of infant mortality. Because maternal health status is an important predictor of pregnancy outcome, Smart Columbus is working to make it easier for pregnant moms to get to their doctor’s appointments. Drs. Lynch and Hade are the research PIs of this project.

  • Moms2B

    Moms2B is a community based pregnancy support program, developed by Ohio State University and Nationwide Children’s Hospital pediatrician, Dr. Patricia Temple Gabbe, aimed at reducing disparities in pregnancy outcomes among racially and socioeconomically disadvantaged women and infants. Dr. Lynch directs research for this program, and Dr. Hade leads the data capture and statistical methods core.

  • SPA

    Strategies for Pregnancy Achievement (SPA) pilot investigates the prospective association between stress and infertility by examining whether an Internet-based stress management program shows promise for reducing stress and increasing pregnancy rates among women who have tried to get pregnant for 6-12 months without success (PI: Dr. Lynch, co-I: Dr. Hade).


    Prospective Evaluation of the Elements of Pregnancy Study (PEEPS) aims to explore innovative, low-cost, yet valid methods of conducting prospective pregnancy studies with preconception enrollment to facilitate study of risk factors for fertility impairment and miscarriage (PI: Dr. Lynch, co-I: Dr. Hade).