Students can complete the following courses at Ohio State Mansfield.  Follow this link to view semester schedules.


Art 2000 Encountering Contemporary Art

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 6.24.16 PM

An introduction to conventional and experimental forms of visual expression through examination, description, and analysis.

Art 2100 Beginning Drawing

Student Work: Emily Solon

An introduction to basic freehand drawing and exploration of a range of drawing methods, media, and concepts.

 Art Education 2520 Digital Artmaking 

Introduction to the ideas, questions, and problems relevant to artists working in the digital age. Students explore basic image, 3D modeling, audio, and time-based editing software.

Art 2300 Two Dimensional Design 

Audrey Galat

Student Work: Audrey Galat

An introduction to the basic concepts of two-dimensional art dealing with visual structure, process, content, and invention.

Art 3000 Digital Image Manipulation

Charlie Ruff

Student Work: Sarina “Charlie” Ruff

An introduction to creating, manipulating, and outputting digital images for artistic intent.

Art 3555 Introduction to Digital Photography & Contemporary Issues

Morphy Zhang

Student Work: Morphy Zhang

This course acquaints students with photographic techniques as well as the history, theory, and contemporary practice of photography. y

 Art 2602 Introduction to Ceramics

Student Work: Emily Dinger

Introduction to the art phases of low fire temp ceramics; laboratory practice with various modeling and potter’s wheel techniques with lectures covering a broad survey of the field of ceramics.