Taking a Closer Look at FOSTA


If you read the news or follow any anti-trafficking campaigns, then you have likely seen the latest development in anti-trafficking legislation passed by Trump: FOSTA. A great deal of articles are praising this development, hailing it as a much needed step to further fight trafficking and protect victims. On the other hand, many are responding quite negatively, claiming that this legislation will bring harm to internet rights, sex workers and make it harder to track and fight trafficking. So, is it good or bad legislation for trafficking? This debate brings the larger question of personal ad sites into focus- do these websites fuel trafficking, or are they a good source for tracking down and fighting trafficking? This post will take a closer look at the recent legislation and its potential effects.

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Labor Trafficking in Context: From Central Asia to Russia


Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia has been a destination for substantial numbers of people from the Central Asian republics migrating for work. However, the route to work in Russia is often a perilous one- filled with opportunities for exploitation and labor trafficking. Although some migrants may be considered irregular while others initially enter the country with legal documentation, the risk for labor trafficking is high in either case. To understand this complex example of trafficking, we must ask, why is it happening and what factors facilitate trafficking here? To answer these questions, I will examine how the problem is situated and what factors shape this issue of labor trafficking.

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