Spring 2020 Challenges Posted

The Spring 2020 incarnation of Rapid Innovation for Public Impact course is ready to roll! We have announced our challenges for the course and are looking for students to tackle these real-world challenges! We need students with all types of backgrounds including, but not limited to, engineering, policy, psychology, data analytics, physics, math, business, and economics. Check out the problems below and let us know if you are interested in joining this rigorous and impactful course.

Spring 2020 Challenges

  1. Ensuring the public safety of launch vehicles’ Autonomous Flight Safety Systems
  2. Improving public health outcomes with collaborative planning between state government and hospitals
  3. Responding to a flu pandemic outbreak
  4. Overcoming image distortion in order to identify real threats
  5. Improving helicopter maintenance management to ensure successful naval missions
  6. Addressing the shortage of U.S. working dogs for security
  7. Designing a task order system to manage intelligence requests


Our information sessions for this class are listed below and will help answer questions about the course, allow you to meet the instructors, and get a sense of what this class can do for you! RSVP HERE for any of the following dates.

Monday Oct 7 4:30-5:15

Wednesday Oct 9 11:30-12:15

Tuesday Oct 22 4:30-5:15

Friday Oct 25 3-3:45