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Course Description

The “Solving Real Public Agency Problems” course, based on the national Hacking for Defense TM (H4D) curriculum, is one of the most unique and rewarding classes you’ll take at Ohio State. All upper level undergraduate and graduate students in any major or college are welcome. This hands-on course takes an interdisciplinary approach to Innovating for American public agencies’ hardest missions and national security challenges. The complexity of today’s public sector challenges demands a transformative effort by multi-faceted teams comprised of upper-class undergraduate or graduate students studying policy, engineeringbusiness, law, medicine, and the arts and sciences. We want and need people in every discipline to be part of this unique problem-solving effort. The course equips you with an innovation mindset and the tools needed to solve actual problem sponsors’ pain-points, putting you at the forefront of a ‘revolution’ that is changing the U.S. government’s paradigm for developing solutions. The course is demanding:  you’ll present in every class; you’ll work closely with your team; you’ll receive relentlessly direct feedback; and your problem sponsors, mentors, agency liaisons, as well as corporate partners, may be in the room. But most importantly, you’ll be solving real problems for real public agencies in real-time. Classes will be live-streamed.  Welcome to the thought-revolution — it’s why you came to THE Ohio State University.


Part of the joint Science, Engineering, and Public Policy (SEPP) program
Spring 2019: Fridays 11:30 – 14:30
Page Hall Room 040
4 Credit Hours