Why Transformative Global Experiences Matter

To transform: to make a thorough or dramatic change in the form, appearance or character of.

This definition from Oxford dictionary is really powerful. It speaks of a process that occurs that is dramatic, but does not address how this change occurs. At The Ohio State University College of Nursing our mission is to transform healthcare and lives. This belief is threaded throughout our curriculum, research, practice and innovations. When we consider how we transform healthcare, both locally and globally, we must understand that one of the biggest challenges that exist worldwide is that there is a scarcity of human resources for health. In a nutshell, there are not enough trained healthcare workers, especially nurses, to meet the health demands of populations around the globe.

Our college focuses on expanding the number of nurses and healthcare innovators to help meet this need. We understand that we will fill this need predominantly in local or national communities, basically our boots on the ground are in areas where our graduates choose to live. Yet a graduate will have increasing opportunities to reach farther and impact the global community through m-health and e-health strategies and the development and implementation of tailored evidence-based interventions that can be integrated worldwide. The healthcare knowledge our graduates gain can be utilized around the world, thanks to the digital revolution irrespective of a nation’s economy, time zone or geography.

Our global experiences are one way in which we transform our students’ thinking and perspective. These transformative experiences will prepare them to be innovators and leaders in the healthcare industry, improving the lives of individuals, families and communities. It is with this agenda in mind that we will be expanding our global opportunities for students, either in-person or in virtual global classroom learning environments.

If you have experienced any of our global initiatives here at the College of Nursing or Ohio State and want to share the impact it’s had on you, both personally and professionally, we would love to hear from you. Tell us where you went, what your experience was like and fill us in on why you chose to be part of a personal global transformation adventure. Comment below or share on social using #osuglobaltransformation.


Dianne Morrison-Beedy

Dianne Morrsion-Beedy serves as the Chief Talent & Global Strategy Officer and the Centennial Professor for The Ohio State University College of Nursing.



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