Making Better Beverage Choices

Leeanna McKamey, SNAP-Ed Program Assistant

What you drink is as important as what you eat.  And depending on what your family drinks, can be very expensive.  Here are tips on saving money while being healthy at the same time.

  • Drink water instead of sugary drinks when you are thirsty. How much water is enough?  Let your thirst be your guide. Water is an important nutrient for the body, but everyone’s needs are different.  Water is easy on the wallet.  You can save money by drinking water from the tap at home or when you are eating out.
  • If you think that the taste of water is boring, try adding frozen fruit. Buy fruit when it is in season due to being less expensive.  Freeze the fruit and put in your water.  Buy a bag of lemons, wash and cut into wedges.  Then put in a bag and freeze.  When drinking water, through a couple wedges in your glass.  It will keep your water cold as well as add great flavor.
  • 100 % fruit juice can be diluted down with water. You are still getting the nutrients of juice but less sugar.
  • Don’t forget your dairy! When choosing milk, select low-fat or fat-free milk.  Each type of milk offers the same key nutrients such as calcium, vitamin D and potassium.  But the calories are very different.  Adults and teens need 3 cups of milk per day, children 4 to 8 years old need 2 ½ cups and children 2 to 3 years old need 2 cups.
  • Smoothies are a great treat and can be nutritious too! Smoothies are fun and easy to make.  Let your family pick their favorite fruit to add.  Bananas and honey will sweeten your smoothie so that you won’t need to add sugar.  Most pre-made smoothie mixtures have a lot of sugar and preservatives that you don’t need so it’s better to make your own.  When making a smoothie you will need:  Fruit + liquid (juice, milk) + thickener (yogurt or ice) + Optional Flavors (honey, vanilla, coconut etc.) = Fruit Smoothie!

Very Berry Smoothie

½ cup each frozen strawberry, blueberry and raspberry

½ cup apple juice

¼ cup low-fat yogurt (plain or any fruit flavor)

1 teaspoon of honey

Mix in blender and enjoy.


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