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Introducing BuckeyeNext, powered by Suitable – Revolutionizing Youth Development in Ohio’s 4-H Program! 

BuckeyeNext is on a mission to empower students by creating a groundbreaking stackable-credential framework. Through immersive experiential learning opportunities, students can earn industry-accepted credentials and cultivate expertise in occupational competencies. BuckeyeNext is not just an app; it’s the ultimate hub for 4-H youth to track their involvement and proudly showcase their development journey! 

  Open to middle- and high school-aged 4-H youth across Ohio!  

  1. Register your email:  
  1. Download the suitable app:  
  1. Log-in using email 
  1. View your dashboard, upcoming, and completed activities & achievements 

Join BuckeyeNext today and embark on a journey of skill development and recognition in Ohio’s 4-H community!


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