2024 Jr Fair Changes

2024 Junior Fair Changes

Jr Fair Changes for 2024
▪ All beef animals (besides Market Beef for 2024) are required to have EID/840 tags in their ears to show
at the Highland County Fair.
▪ All breeds that Ohio State Fair uses will be added into the breeding show.
▪ Barrow weights will be 205-295 pounds.
▪ All swine animals are required to have EID/840 tags in their ears to show at the Highland County Fair.
• Recognize all sheep state fair breeds for sheep breeding shows.
• Market Lamb and Breeding show will be on Wednesday of the fair, Showmanship and open show will
be on Thursday of the fair.
▪ The minimum weight for market goats is 60 pounds.
▪ There will be an underweight class for those rabbits that don’t make weight, with a minimum of 3
pounds and a maximum of 7 pounds.
▪ Require ear numbers of breeding rabbits be submitted by June 1st, when they are supposed to have
their project, BUT allow them to submit multiple animals as potential ones to be shown.
▪ Add a market pen of 2, born and raised.
▪ All market rabbit exhibitors must print pictures and hand in tattoo sheet for market rabbits by 2nd
Monday in August. Pictures must include rabbit and exhibitor and close up of the tattoo.
▪ There will be a clinic to tattoo market rabbits with pens by persons who have the ability to do so. Clinic
date- Saturday, August 10th from 9AM-1PM in the Rabbit & Poultry Barn.
Jr Fair Building
▪ There will be a registration deadline of August 24th for all the projects in the Jr Fair Building.
▪ There will be a statement in the fair book “ALL exhibits will remain in place until 3:00pm and can be
taken out from 3:00-5:00pm, Saturday (carryout only last day of the fair) or 10:00am-12 noon Sunday
after the fair.
▪ Photography- Clarify rules for “Altered” class: “Photo attached to front”.
▪ Only allow exhibitors to show flowers, other than theme baskets, applies to crops, flowers, garden, and
houseplants that are grown by an immediate family member and follow the family member rule in the Jr
Fair rule section.
All Species
▪ Allow the judge to pick only the top 3 overall showmanship.
▪ All animals that are shown in the Jr Fair shows must be drug free by their species weigh-in.
OME/OBE Skillathon
▪ Held on: Saturday, August 24th from 8am-5pm.
▪ Feel free to email HighlandJrFairSkillathon@gmail.com to get results of skillathon scores.
▪ Allow 1 parent or immediate family member to be in the holding areas in the main arena. No other
spectators will be allowed in the holding areas. Once they are warned to leave, then they will be
escorted out of the arena.
▪ The Nutrition Bowl requested a new clicker system, it’ll be purchased if a sponsor is found.

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