2021 Ohio State Fair Swine Dept. Rules and Information

2021 Ohio State Fair Swine Dept. Rules and Information

The 2021 Ohio State Fair Livestock department rules have been posted at: https://ohiostatefair.com/agriculture-livestock/livestock/


  • Ohio State Fair will be a ractopamine free fair.
  • Exhibitor Affidavit for the Market Barrow Show will be required
  • Market Barrows will be required to have an 840 Tag. It is preferred that they be the EID (Electronic Identification) 840 Tags but non-EID tags will be accepted this in 2021.
    • These should be placed in the pig from the breeder they originate from, and if possible, please have them placed in the RIGHT EAR.
    • If you do not have one, you will want to work with your local vet to obtain one.
  • All swine must be tagged with an 840 tag.
  • All exhibitors must have a premise ID (this is based on the location the pigs were raised, so the same premise ID will cover all siblings).
  • All Market Exhibitors will be required to enter parent/guardian PQA Certification ID#at the time of entry.
    • Remember, if the parent/guardian completed this last year, they are good for 3 years and can use the certification ID# they received last year (or within 3 years)
  • Email Kathy Bruynis (bruynis.5@osu.edu) as she can enroll you in the PQA online class. She will need the following: Name of adult taking the class; birthdate; address; phone number; email; and farm name.


Southern Ohio Farm Show, June 9, 2021

In this week’s episode of the Southern Ohio Farm Show, we feature:
-Woodland Plant Identification with Dave Apsley
-Buried Utilities
-Alfalfa with Richard Purdin
-a June garden update with Dr. Tim McDermott
Tune in next week for another new episode! You can also join us via Zoom for a live broadcast at 10 AM via: https://osu.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJ0oceCtqjsiGdQzg012lGoW5oMzOAQmLnnp

AMSA Virtual Youth Meat Judging Summer Series

As AMSA explores opportunities to attract, develop, and connect meat science talent AMSA will be hosting our first virtual meat judging summer series (4 virtual meat judging contests) targeted to youth (3rd-12th grade, 4-H, FFA students, etc.).  Participants will compete in divisions based on their upcoming grade: Youth (3rd-7th grade) and Senior Division (8th-12th grade).  Divisions will be based on the grade the student is going into the upcoming academic year.  The contest will consist of 6 placing classes, 2 questions classes, quality grading (6) and 40 Retail Identification.  Participants will register via the AMSA website.


Contest Dates

June 23, 2021

July 7, 2021

July 21, 2021

August 4, 2021

Contests will be open for 48 hrs. and the participant must complete the contest and submit the electronic scantron within the contest time allotment.  Additional contest guidelines will be posted in the AMSA community platform in which the contests will be facilitated.



Contests will be scored, and results will be posted to judgingcard.com and the AMSA website the Monday following the contest.  All results across categories will be posted, but points will be earned on the overall ranking only.

Count top 3 contest rank finishes.  Students placing 1 through 20 will receive rank points.  For example, 1st place will receive 20 points, 2nd = 19 points, etc.  The students will the five highest point totals will be eligible for awards.



Youth Division- Top five students receive awards

1st- $500 scholarship, 2nd- $250, 3rd- $100, 4th- $100, 5th- $50; Top 5 receive a complimentary AMSA Youth Membership

Senior Division- Top five students receive awards

1st- 1,500 scholarship, 2nd- $1,000 scholarship, 3rd- $750 scholarship, 4th- $500 scholarship, 5th- $250 scholarship; Top 5 receive a complimentary AMSA Youth Membership



To register for the virtual clinics/ contests: Click here to register!

Registration Fee: $100 per participant

Registration Fee Includes: 4 Contest Registrations, Electronic Scantrons, and Summer Series T-Shirt


Contest Eligibility:

Participants should be in 3rd-12th grade.

Participating in any of these contests does not impact eligibility for the in person National 4-H Contest. Virtual 4H/FFA Meat Judging (meatscience.org)


If you have any additional questions please email lfrenzel@meatscience.org

Beef Quality Assurance Trainings and Recertifications Planned

Angus cattle


Brooke Beam, PhD

Agriculture and Natural Resources/Community Development Extension Educator

Ohio State University Extension, Highland County


June 2, 2021


Beef producers who want to obtain or recertify their Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) certifications will have the opportunity for several in-person trainings in Highland County this summer. The certifications that were completed three years ago will be expiring later this year, so be sure to mark your calendar for one of the upcoming BQA opportunities to retain BQA certification. BQA certifications can also be completed and obtained by visiting bqa.org and completing the online certification course.

United Producers Inc. will host a BQA training on June 8th at 3 PM. RSVP to (937) 393-3424 to reserve a seat.

The Union Stock Yards Company will be hosting BQA trainings on June 8th and June 15th. Both of the programs will begin at 6 PM. Space is limited to 100 participants per training. If you would like to attend, RSVP to Union Stock Yards at (937) 393-1958.

Another opportunity for BQA will be held in conjunction with the Highland County Chamber of Commerce’s Ag is Everyone’s Business event on July 16, 2021. The cost to attend is $5.00 and will include a breakfast sandwich as well as additional agriculture-based programming relevant to Highland County agricultural producers and youth livestock exhibitors. More details on the Ag is Everyone’s Business event will be announced soon. Tickets will be available from the Highland County Chamber of Commerce at (937) 393-1111.

For more information on BQA or questions about other Extension programs, contact the Ohio State University Extension office in Highland County at (937) 393-1918.



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