Sisterhood Story Today at Apple Series

Dear Community Education Initiatives partner,

Girls Who Code began work with Community Education Initiatives in the Spring of 2019. They focused on Clubs program curriculum expansion by creating Club Plans and tutorials that feature Swift Playgrounds. Building on initial work, they have partnered with Today at Apple to engage, honor and celebrate the power of Sisterhood and storytelling through a series of #SisterhoodStory free virtual sessions. Sessions will be hosted from October 5 – 11 in honor of Day of the Girl. Sessions include hands-on activities to learn how to create your #SisterhoodStory and inspiring talks from artists, influencers, musicians, and more.

Read about the Sisterhood Story Today at Apple Series created in collaboration with Girls Who Code in the attached PDF.  Share with colleagues across your organization and community.  Sign up to join sessions to learn, create, and share stories. Click here to register.

We look forward to sharing Sisterhood Stories on social media. Remember to use #CEILeadandLearn along with other social tags shared in sessions.

– Community Education Initiatives Team

Learn more about Today at Apple. Engage with free online videos to explore creative projects for learners, families and communities.

Click to learn more about Girls Who Code Clubs and organization.

Screenings of SILO part of Farm Science Review 2020


Register to attend the screenings of SILO as part of the Farm Science Review 2020. It is a great opportunity to spend an evening with your family watching a movie and a way to start a conversation around farm safety for families, FFA and 4-H members.

Important Information Regarding Jr. Fair Premium Livestock Sale

Below is a link to a Google Form that the Sales Committee would like for ALL Jr. Fair Exhibitors that plan to consign an animal to the 2020 Jr Fair Premium Livestock Sale to complete and turn into the Sales Committee building by Monday, Sept. 7 by 9:00p.m. These will be placed on the tables for the supporters to make their premium donations.

Once the form is submitted, it will generate an email PDF to the exhibitor, and they can print that PDF off. If someone does not have access to a printer, I will drop off the forms to the Sales building so they can pick it up there and attach a picture that way.

Please help spread this word to all members.


Drug Use Notification Form Forms For Junior Fair Livestock Exhibitors Will Be Completed On-Line This Year

Here is the link for the Drug Use Notification Form (DUNF). Anyone exhibiting Market Hogs, Market Lambs, Market Steers, Market Dairy Goats, Market Boer Goats, Market Chickens and Lactating Goats and Dairy Cattle…MUST fill out a DUNF form for each animal. If you have 2 market lambs then you need to fill the form out 2 times. Forms may be filled out and submitted anytime before crossing the scales or showing!