10 Principals of Twenty-First Century Leadership

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10 Principles of Twenty-First Century Leadership

From:  Strock, J. (2019).  Serve to lead 2.0: 21st century leaders manual.  Serve to Lead Group https://servetolead.org



  1. “Everybody can lead, because anyone can serve.
  2. The most valuable resource of any enterprise is its people.
  3. We are in transition from a transaction-based world to a relationship-based world.
  4. Leadership is a relationship between empowered, consenting adults.
  5. Leadership is a dynamic relationship.
  6. There is no universal leadership style.
  7. Leadership roles are converging.
  8. A leader’s unique task is to imagine and advance a vision.
  9. Love is the highest level of leadership relationship.
  10. Character is a competitive advantage (p.67-68).”



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