This is VERY important information, beginning this year. The 2019 Highland County Open Show has two major changes:

1.) Open Show deadline is now August 1st, 2019

2.) The Open Show is non-terminal

A few key points to help answer the main questions that will be asked about the new changes and the reason behind them:

>>> No exceptions to the entry form deadline.

*We need the exact number of head showing by August 1st to combat penning issues that we have dealt with in the past, we also need hog numbers with switching to a non-terminal show to make things efficient.

>>> Participants have an option to still send open show hogs to the stockyards, the hogs going on the stockyard trailer will load out at the conclusion of the Open Show, you or someone on your behalf is responsible to bring the hog to the stockyard trailer.

*We are doing this due to the rule change, so we have all the hogs that are predetermine as terminal being loaded out at once, this also helps contribute to improving our image as a show community with not loading “noisy” hogs as they leave the ring around large crowds.

>>> Hogs returning home can leave once the participant is finished showing, all open show hogs must be off the fairgrounds by 6:00AM Tuesday: September 3rd, 2019. When loading out of either hog barn the participant must load out from the west end of the old/big hog barn and stay on the vehicle path drawn on the map.

*We are allowing predetermined hogs that are non-terminal to load out once the participant is finished till the time and date stated above so it spreads out traffic. It’s crucial to load out in the designated area so we keep the show running smoothly and keep vehicle traffic away from human/pig traffic still participating in the Open Show.

Having these major changes taking place as well as with the 2019 Highland County fair book being published after the Open Show deadline we are in the process of mailing all 2018 Open Show participants (that we have mailing information on) the entry form for the 2019 Open Show, look for the forms around July 1st. However, if you do not receive one around then or didn’t participate in the 2018 Open Show here are your options to obtain an entry form.

Forms located at these locations (in alphabetical order) :

– Faith’s Fancy Feeds

– Highland County Extension Office

– Producers Stockyards

– Sullivan Supply-Hillsboro Warehouse, Katie Cull

– Union Stockyards

– Ventura’s Feed & Country Store

Forms can also be viewed on the Highland County Pork Council Facebook page, see pictures attached to this post.

If you still need a form  call/text Dylan Dobbs at 937-509-0283 or with a request for an entry form to be sent to you, Dylan can also be contacted to answer any other questions of your concern.

Please like our Facebook page (Highland County Pork Council) to get any further updates for the Open Show plus other important information in the future.

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