Cloverbud Corner

Looking for new ideas for Cloverbuds in your club?  Mark your calendars for the Cloverbud Creativity Workshop!  Please join us on April 24th from 6:30-9pm in the County Administration Building in the large meeting room.  To register, please contact Danielle at or call 937-393-1918.

Wanting to stay updated?  The Cloverbud Connections Newsletter can be found at:

4-H Quality Assurance Dates

Quality Assurance Training is right around the corner.
Please mark your calendars so you can complete this important class in understanding quality animal care. This is a requirement for all market exhibitors.

April 24th   6pm Bright Local High School
May 2nd    6pm Poultry QA Wharton Building
May 8th     6pm Lynchburg Clay HS Cafeteria
May 14th   6pm Greenfield School
May 21st   6pm Leesburg School
May 25th   8:30am Rabbit QA Wharton Building
May 29th   6pm Hillsboro High School