Attention Extension Friends and Supporters!

Hello Highland County Extension Friends and Supporters!

Ohio State University Extension will be conducting a survey of our supporters and friends to learn more about the issues you believe are important in Highland County.

You may receive the survey.  It will be sent via email on September 6, and it will come from our OSU Extension Director, Dr. Roger Rennekamp.  It will also include local contact information for our office, in case you have any questions for us.

If you receive the survey, please take a few minutes to fill it out.  It will ask for your opinions about things that are going well in Highland County and about areas where you feel additional support is needed. Our goal is to understand what matters to you so we can serve local needs even more effectively in the coming year.

Thank you for helping us with this important project and thank you, too, for all you do to help us bring valuable programs and services to all the citizens of our county!