Aquaculture Cooperative Webinar March 29

There’s an upcoming aquaculture cooperative webinar that’s jointly produced/funded by the National Aquaculture Association, North Central Regional Aquaculture Center, and the United States Aquaculture Society on March 29th at 12:00 p.m. EST.  

About the webinar: New Jersey Shellfish growers were seeking ways for cooperatively expanding their markets. The farmers recognize that to increase their on-farm income, they need to increase the volume of what they produce, eliminate losses due to the perishable nature of food, minimize transportation and packaging expenses, and receive the highest price for what they sell. To do all this is nearly impossible for a single farm operation, but by collectively pooling their
resources and efforts through the cooperative, they potentially can
accomplish their goals.

Visit the OSU South Centers Aquaculture page for information or to register for the webinar:

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