Ohio State Football

I think that is fairly safe to safe that the remainder of the OSU football season is awash. After the loss to Michigan State, it seems all too likely that the Buckeyes will be playing in a bowl that is not part of the College Football Playoff. And, for that reason, the 2015 season seems to be a bit of a failure for Ohio State, given the hype and expectation that they would at least return to the playoff, if not the national title game.

Photo courtesy of Thearmchairallamericans

Photo courtesy of Thearmchairallamericans

All of this, however, does not seem to far off. For much of the season, save for maybe the opening game against Virginia Tech, the Buckeyes seemed to be juxtaposed between to quarterback–and two different offensive systems suited for each quarterback. Furthermore, the overall performance this season, compared to last season, exhibited a sluggish Buckeyes squad.

There is still hope, though. As ESPN points out in an article, no one is really sure if being a conference champion is really the golden ticket into the playoff system.

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