What I Look for in Blogs

More often than not when I’m reading through blogs, it is not for hard news. Much of the information I seek out via blogs is geared more towards lifestyle subjects. For example, I read various blogs related to music, literature, golf and hunting. While these subjects all have their own versions of hard news, it is frequently not found in the blogs also related to the subject.

In terms of literature and music, these blogs feature reviews of new material. The music blogs I tend to follow either reference new music being released and review said music. Likewise, many of the literature blogs I follow discuss new and upcoming books are featured short stories. These blogs also have reviews of the new material they are covering. Sometimes, the literature blogs have content related to more analytical content–discussing the importance of an older work or emerging trends aesthetically.

In terms of golf and hunting blogs, these, almost always without fail, are focused on “how to.” In both activities there is never a shortage of learning how to do something with more ease and these blogs focus on that, typically.

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