Lantern Article

This Lantern article explored the renovations that will begin after the first of the year for the new brain and spine center at the Wexner Medical Center. I liked this article because it explored the small details surrounding the expansion and renovation including financial details in an illuminating way.

I thought the way the author incorporated direct quotes along with paraphrasing was utilized really well. Sometimes articles become really watered down with just direct quotes. By having both direct quotes and summation of information from sources, the momentum of the article was consistent and progressive.

I also thought the statistics about neurological health was really fascinating, yet not over the top. I think it would have been a more succinct piece if the author delved into the importance of this project beyond just the need based on neurological heart; for example, how many other hospitals like this one exist?

Finally, the author finding a current OSU nursing student to comment on the expansion was a great idea, and I think the source provided meaningful content. However, it would have also been nice if the author somehow incorporated more OSU students who are not related to the medical field in some way, which could provide a more well-rounded opinion of the campus community about the project.

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