The Importance of Being Digital

The Guardian article offers a two-fold benefit to being digital and web-based. First, in terms of digital and being web-based, our information handling as actually moved backwards in some sense. Second, the way journalists function and disseminate information has evolved to be more of a give-and-take practice.

The anecdote offered up by the Twitter CEO, Dick Costolo I thought was fascinating. In a very real sense we as a society function similarly to how ancient Greeks did, in that we go to the agora and hear about news through word of mouth and gossip. Only we don’t really go to agora, we go to the web, more often than not, social media, and find out what is happening. In this way, we have sort of regressed at the same time, technologically, we are evolving.

I also think it’s important how the web has transformed how journalists function. With web-presence the audience if far more active in the story-telling activated of journalists–and as the Guardian article pointed out–many of the scoops and newsworthy material is derived from the audience. Before the digital and web-based platforms it was the other way around; journalists would be on the street seeking out stories by immersion, now it seems that stories come to them through the interaction with the audience.

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