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Much of the information in my Twitter feed is related to literary subjects as I follow a great deal of literary journals and magazines. Read and writing is a primary interest for me, so it makes sense that a lot of what I follow is related to that.

Second, in terms of content, would be traditional news outlets–primarily The New York Times. I am an adamant reader and follower of the Times because I believe it is the greatest newspaper, if not just in America, the world. As such, most of the news information in my Twitter feed is from The New York Times.

Next would probably be local news outlets, mostly the Columbus Dispatch, and some from WBNS 10tv. However, these news outlets post less frequently and I do not click as often on these links as the other posts.

In terms of raw content, a lot of what is in my Twitter feed are links to stories located on third-party websites (like The New York Times or the Columbus Dispatch). Very little of the content of my Twitter feed is made up of just standard, non-linked tweets.

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