In one review for the newest iPhone, the 6S, the tone was largely negative. The review praised the phone’s sleeker feel (even if “negligible”) and its newest technology–the 3d touch. However, by in large the review was relatively negative, attacking the “rubbish” battery life–something that has been cancerous to virtually every iPhone. The defining adjective for this review with regards to the phone would be “can’t.” The review ends with a number of things the phone is unable to do, as opposed to what is new and innovative.

In another review, the tone was noticeably more upbeat. This review praised all of the same new things that Apple lauded in the keynote address–namely the 3d touch. This review agreed, as well, that the battery life leaves a lot to be desired. the Defining adjective for this review would be “impressive.” In the verdict section at the end of the article the verdict digresses about what impressive new features the phone boasts.

In terms of emulation, I think I could take a lot from both reviews. The first article was far more objective, if not critical. The second article was far more positive and seems easy to believe that the writer (or media outlet, in general) is a huge fan of Apple products, which could cause one to lose objectivity.

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