Surge in Population to Hurricane Zones

The 538 blog published a great article about the surge in population to hurricane zones during a ten year lull in hurricanes, which is we are currently in.

This piece is really interesting, at least to me, because I grew up on the Gulf Coast in an area known as “The Forgotten Coast” in Florida and certainly experienced my fair share of hurricanes. Interesting, still, I fit into the overall statistical argument in the 538 piece because I was a transplant to a hurricane zone. What I find particularly interesting in the article is that the US has not experienced a hurricane in ten years–something that I had not really thought about. I also found it interesting that I am not alone given the surge in individuals moving to the coasts where hurricanes are most prevalent.

I think an interesting story idea is sort of derived from the two points that were interesting to me. Why hasn’t there been a hurricane in ten years? Also, why is population shifting upwards in areas where hurricanes are guaranteed to occur? Is the beach really that alluring? (Yes, it absolutely is–even in the Florida Panhandle).

Potential data outlets I feel would be helpful: FEMA, NOAA, National Hurricane Center, National Weather Service and Census Data.

News Story 2 Ideas

1) I would like to write on some facet of the Cartoon Crossroads Columbus (CXC) festival. Events are scheduled to be held at OSU, Columbus College of Art & Design and the Cultural Arts Center. Unfortunately, CXC is scheduled for October 1-3, so I would have to derive more of the events coverage for the rewrite. Possibly could do coverage as a preview, though.

2) A potential idea is to do a little bit of research and coverage into the new Buckeyes ACT initiative, which is a comprehensive plan to combat sexual misconduct on campus. Research would involve what sets this plan apart from other universities and how the campus feels about it both with pros and cons of the initiative.

3) Cover some aspect of either the OSU games against Northern Illinois or Western Michigan.

Braxton Miller Position Change

Covering Braxton Miller’s progress in changing position from quarterback to wide receiver seems like a good story idea because it fulfills at least six news values. There is some immediacy with this story because it is has already been announced Miller will be playing the new position, however, he has yet to do so in a game, so it should be interesting to see how he actually performs in a live-game atmosphere. This story has a lot of proximity because Miller is obviously an Ohio State football player and virtually every potential reader for this will be associated with Ohio State in some fashion. Miller is also a prominent figure at Ohio State, so there will obviously be some interest in his performance at wide receiver. The story is also somewhat novel because it is new and interesting that Miller will be playing a new position. There will not really be any conflict with this story, however, it is continuing as Miller will be playing all season (presumably) at a position he has never play in college.

AP Style Error

This article contains an AP error in the photo caption. The caption erroneously reads, “University President Michael Drake sits on a panel during his college affordability tour August 13 in Urbana, Ohio.” The date is incorrectly formatted “August 13.” The date should correctly read, “Aug. 13.” The month, August should be abbreviated because it is followed by a specific date.