What journalism means to me

Journalism to me means seeking out interesting stories and reporting those stories in a clear, concise and responsible manner. Good journalism should be devoid of extreme slant, avoid intruding too deeply into personal aspects of individuals, and be told from all points of views. Additionally, strong journalism, at least to some degree, should be informative such that it is teaching the reader something unknown.

I believe there is something really exciting about diving into a murky subject and extrapolating information and making sense of a situation that results in a story, whether it be politics, sports, or an interest-specific subject. This excitement works both ways; from reporters perspective with the actual investigating and reporting of a story but also from the readers point of view by reading the story and learning something new.

I think it is of vital importance for the journalism community to shy away from fluff news. By fluff I mean tabloid stories and similar types of “news.” This aspect of journalism lacks any kind of integrity and quite literally seems to lack place in legitimate reporting and journalism. Outlets such as TMZ and the like are simply capitalizing, often, on the private lives of celebrities. Moreover, much of this kind of news, at its core is not really news but gossip. These stories are not news, or responsible reporting, because they fail to offer up information that the reader can learn from, rather these stories are often just a telling of what happened in a particular person’s life at a give moment.

Stories should be reported in a manner in which they convey to the reader why something is important. Why is it imperative that someone should read a given story and what are they learning from the story that in some way will enrich the reader’s life? This, I fell, is what well done, responsible journalism should be, and why journalism is important.