2017-2018 Schedule

Russian Revolution Poster

All 2017-2018 CHR lectures and seminars will meet from 3:00-4:30 p.m. in Dulles Hall, Room 168 unless otherwise specified.

Friday, Sept. 15: Jack Goldstone, Director of the Center for Public Policy, George Mason University: “Why Revolutions Persist – The Struggle for Freedom and Fragile Regimes” (Thompson Library 165)

Friday, Oct. 6: Vasileios Syros, The Italian Academy for Advanced Studies in America, Columbia University : “The Reason-of-State Tradition and Early Modern Political Discourse on Revolution”

Friday, Oct. 20: Aaron Retish, History, Wayne State University: “Russian Courts and the 1917 Revolution”

Friday, Nov. 3: Rob Parkinson, History, SUNY-Binghampton: “Making ‘the cause’ common: Race and Nation in the American Revolution”
(Co-sponsored by the Ohio Seminar in Early American History)

Wednesday, Nov. 8: Steve Smith, Senior Research Fellow, Oxford University, and Michael David-Fox, History, Georgetown University, “Rethinking the Russian and Chinese Revolutions: A Centennial Conversation” (Thompson Library 165)

Friday, Feb. 9: Valentine Moghadam, International Affairs and Sociology, Northeastern University: “Is the Future of Revolution Feminist?”

Friday, March 2: Suzanne Desan, History, University of Wisconsin: “Rebellions within Revolutions: `October Days’ in the French Revolution”

Friday, March 23: Gil Joseph, History, Yale University: “Revolution in Modern Latin America”