2021-2022 Post-Doctoral Fellow: Julia M. Keblinska

The Center for Historical Research, the Center for Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies, and the East Asian Studies Center are happy to welcome Julia M. Keblinska as the Crisis Program Post-Doctoral Scholar. Keblinska finished her PhD in Chinese this year, from the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures at the University of California, Berkeley. She describes the main lines of her dissertation, “New Era, New Media: The Postsocialist Chinese Media Ecology” as an examination of “how new and old media in the post-Mao ‘New Era’ (1978-1989) worked together to visualize new and desirable materialities and technologies, and in doing so, were central historical actors in China’s transition to postsocialism. The newly mediated rhythms and sensoria of the 1980s emerged at a moment when changes in the textures of commodities and urban spaces—the introduction of synthetic fabrics, plastics, the vertiginous surfaces of skyscraper glass and reinforced concrete—transformed everyday life to create citizens schooled in navigating the aftermath of socialism.” At OSU, she will be working on the next stages of her research, while also planning a symposium on media studies. She will also teach two classes: International Studies 5195 (“Cultures of the Cold War”) in the Fall, and Chinese 5194 (“The Golden Age of Dead Media: Modern China, Nostalgia, and the Futures of Media’s Pasts”) in the Spring. We welcome her to the OSU community!!


This fellowship is made possible by Ohio State’s Global Arts + Humanities Discovery Theme.

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