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(Submitted by Kimberly Roush, Program Assistant, Ohio Cooperative Development Center and Business Development Network, OSU South Centers)

View More: Bright is an Instructor for Patronus Training, as well as the owner of a concealed carry and self-defense products company called Scorpion Concealment. Jessamy grew up around firearms. Her dad was an avid hunter, and she and her sibling were introduced to firearms early, but oddly not to handguns.

When Jessamy and her husband Rob decided to purchase a handgun for home protection, Jessamy asked her brother-in-law, Tyson Houchens, owner of Patronus Training, to give them some basic handgun training. Tyson is a military veteran of the U.S. Army 82nd Airborne Division with multiple combat deployments. Since his military service, Tyson has worked in various high threat places around the globe. He has experience teaching military and law enforcement teams from around the world.

In that very first class of the fundamentals of marksmanship, safety and handgun operation, Jessamy found her passion for firearms. She added teaching firearms, specifically teaching firearms to women, and competition shooting to her bucket list.

Jessamy said, “I started practicing at the range and learning more about firearms. I took the NRA basic pistol course with my sister and got my concealed carry permit for Ohio. From there, I continued to increase in knowledge and love for firearms in general. After some time, Tyson asked me to come to Patronus Training as an instructor. He wanted to bring a female instructor on to assist in teaching women that were requesting classes.”

“I decided to transfer our monthly women’s shooting league gatherings at the outdoor range in Pomeroy, Ohio into a nationally recognized women’s shooting chapter.” Jessamy continues, “In August of 2014, I started The Well-Armed Woman Southeast Ohio Chapter.”

Currently, Jessamy is a National Rifle Association (NRA) Certified Pistol Instructor, NRA Certified Range Safety Officer, The Well-Armed Women Certified Instructor, and the Chapter Leader/Lead Instructor for The Well-Armed Woman Southeast Ohio Chapter. She is also a competitive shooter in the International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA), and is classified at Marksman.

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To expand the training she offers, Jessamy, plans to take an NRA Personal Protection in the Home Instructor course in September and offer the course to clients in 2016. She also plans to become an NRA Refuse to Be a Victim Instructor offering a four-hour class on personal safety and protection, which can be offered on a larger scale since no live fire is required.

Jessamy wanted to reach potential clients to let them know about the firearms training she could provide. She met with Patrick Dengel, Business Development Specialist for Small Business Development Center at Ohio State University South Centers/ and Adjunct Instructor at the University of Rio Grande for a marketing spot on Business Talk. Business Talk is a BlogTalk/Video Spotlight, where Patrick Dengel and Mike Thompson, University of Rio Grande interview many topics relating to business.

Jessamy said, “What I love about teaching is that I can take women who may be concerned about or have had a bad experience with firearms, or have had bad experiences with abuse or violence. I can make it comfortable for them to learn how a firearm works by making them welcome and comfortable in an easy learning environment.”

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